Friday, October 29, 2010

West Silo


Roof top

window to seattle




Soviet tag graffiti seattle nsf




John came up to me on the street when i was having a smoke break. He asked if i would sell him a smoke for 50 cents. I asked if i could take his picture instead, he asked me what for? & i said thats what i do. He said he was down, so i hooked him up with a smoke.
We had a short conversation he told me he had HIV & he needed money for a room.
Then said i was a people person & that i should be salesman.

Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Murder In The Streets.



A young man shot another young man in the head.
Had to been around 4:30 p.m. With a lot of foot traffic rocking. Some people give less of a fuck, everyday. Dude was caught a block away chilling in a alley with the gun on him.
These are the photos I took after the fact.
I eat at a Restaurant called Turf on the same corner.
It has a lottery cage in the back of it and cheap cheeseburgers.

Fresh Print!


I'm selling this print its 20 By 30 with a foam back. It will fit in most frames & comes with a hanger. So you could hang it up on your wall as is. Looks dope either way!
I need to raise money to get a studio apt & for supplies for a art show I'm doing in December.
Its in perfect condition it looks wrinkled in the photo because its wrapped in plastic.
Show a homie some love!
Hit me up all reasonable offers considered.

The streets washed me of my sins.


I met this guy on 2nd st. He was just standing with a bible smiling. So I stopped and started taking his picture. I walked up to him and he asked me if I had excepted Jesus into my heart. I told him that I didn't believe in Jesus.
He grabbed me & told me that I was going to hell if I didn't let Jesus into my heart.
Which kind of freaked me out.
I thought fuck it & entertained him by repeating the words he said. .
One of the main things I dislike about Baptist's is that they think, all you have to do is say Jesus come into my heart then everything's forgotten & you get your ticket into heaven.

The blind can see everything.

Seattle is one of the best city's to live in if your blind.
So I seen this guy walking my way so I knelt down and took his picture as he walked passed me.
He then stopped. Backed up & asked me what I was taking his picture for?
I told him it was going to be in playgirl.

2 Bit B.B.

I met B.B. in front of the Bit Saloon. She had a clear Starbucks cup full of Pabst & she was really sweet. Which made me think if she's really evil when she was mad?
If so, were pretty much the same.
Except my Pabst was in a glass & I was drinking outside of a bar instead of on the sidewalk.
I wonder if one day some photographer will be taking my picture & looking at me like I looked at her thinking I never want to end up in those shoes?
No risk, no reward.

Monday, October 25, 2010

Keep On Trucking.

Steve Hollman
Steve Hollman -
Steve Runs around pioneer square at turtle speed. He's hunched over & is amazingly enthusiastic about jogging around and dumpster diving. I thought he would take offense to me asking him if I could take his picture.
Nope. He said " Of course." I gave him $2. Took his portrait & he was on is way.

Sunday, October 24, 2010

Convinent Bean.


Bean, owns a convinent store in downtown. I love shooting liquor store workers. They deal with all types of people everyday.
Bean has been in Seattle for 30 yrs & I'm sure he's worked his shop for most of those yrs. His store sells cigars, pipes & cigs. I'll definitely be back to bullshit again.

He had a sign by the register that says "No tabs, don't ask."
Which I thought was funny.

Ronald Edwin Hatley.

Ronald edwin hatley
I met Edwin at pioneer square outside on the patio of a pizza shop. He seen my camera and said " Oh Boy... That's a big camera."
I asked him if he would let me take his picture and he agreed.
We ended up talking about jobs and he told me he use to build box cars in the late 60's. I love trains, so I sat with him & he talked about working in Renton and building Hydro-Cushions & Reefer cars.

He lives at the Union Hotel on 3rd ave, & I plan on visiting him soon.