Sunday, January 2, 2011


Since the last time I've wrote,I've almost passed,pissed off my folks & burnt the Palamino Animal Rescue.
I chase pussy like a mutt chases a speeding car.
Electricity is pushing my heart like a good samertian helping a car off the road.
I'm more confused then Tuesday & taller too.
Surrounded by fools that are no where near my foolishness.
Still thinking of should'A,could'A & would'A....
Stuck in last place with a 1st place attitude.
Double vision with 3-d glasses.
The beer is cold & weak & women our on my mind like big money & fast cars.
Dads health is staring at me in the rear view.. This is not a joke its real life,
get your head in the game, your up to bat.
Look straight & follow true. Don't fail my friend!
Another day down in this town.
No excuse will make this right.
My heart beats hard & my eyelids stay low...
My education is 2nd grade at best.
Light another smoke your on your way.
They have pushed me far beyond the point of return.
I would like to fight Jesus,the grim reaper & the devil all at once.
A true head,butt right to the baby maker of the world.
Lost in weak sorrow for myself.
Staring down the barrel of a pile of heavy shit, with no toilet paper in sight. The sani-hut of life!
A true urinal cake with no iceing to be found.
How did i get this lost.
I'm a good driver but i put it in reverse at redline, blowing my motor with no $, or tools to fix my engine..